Quarter-panel Ornaments

The most distinctive visual item on the 67 mustang to differentiate it from all other years is the ornament just behind the door on the quarter panel.  There are other visual clues to identify it as something other than its predecessors, but I think this one is the big item to quickly identify a 67. Most others are also common to the 68.

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The Big Book of Projects

It turns out, getting started is pretty hard. For the past couple of weeks, I have been doing all kinds of research into the suspension and various little side projects I can do in parallel.  What I have learned so far is that every project is going to get interrupted by a missing part. I need to make a project plan, look into the assembly manual for all the parts, see what I have to restore, and order what I need to order. Only then can I hope to feel the satisfaction of completing even the simplest of projects.  There is ALWAYS something to buy. even if its just the hardware set. It’s not that its expensive, its the time waiting for delivery, thus the interruption.

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