Forever Body Construction

While I have been fine tuning the 67 and getting my son’s car into a solid, safe place, the fastback has been slowly moving forward. Now that all the big parts are in place, the details are easy to miss since you have to look closer. Of course, when it’s done, these details are going to be what really makes it shine, but going from huge visible progress to tuning feels like things suddenly slowed down.

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New Firewall Comparison

The new firewall replacement came in. I ordered the Dynacorn, which appears to be sold everywhere. I saw that Jo Daddy’s Garage used the same one in weld through primer, so I reached out to him to see how it fits and got a positive response. In the end, I opted to order it from Mustangs Unlimited due to the free shipping. I expected some damage courtesy UPS, and I was not disappointed, but it was only minor and easily corrected. The alternative of $250 in freight shipping for at $240 part wasn’t easily reconcilable here. In the end, the gamble payed off. Continue reading “New Firewall Comparison”

Making a Metalwork Plan

Core work has started on the fastback. As I really dig into it, I found some significant issues that have caused me to be a little more drastic than I would have hoped. The value in this car really is all the good parts it came with, and the fastback C code VIN. When done, there won’t be much of the original body left, but it will be like new. Better in some ways. Continue reading “Making a Metalwork Plan”