Tearing down the 5.0 HO

Having done some research, I decided I wouldn’t be restoring the original fuel injection on the 93 5.0 that came with the 65. If you remember, my previous investigation showed the engine was a 5.0 High Output from a 93 Mustang GT. It originally had what I consider a pretty ugly EFI system on it. It actually had parts for a second as well. I have decided I will go Fuel Injection, but I plan on going with one of the modern replacements like FiTech or a Holley Sniper. Continue reading “Tearing down the 5.0 HO”

Documenting a Starting Point

4 years ago, in February of 2012, I started thinking about restoring the ’67 again. In preparation for talking to some shops, I took some pictures to document the wide array of issues that need some attention.  It turns out this is a pretty good starting point for a before and after.  I wish I would have done this years ago as well, before I took then engine out and changed out the front brakes. Reading more today, I also wish I had kept the original spindles in a box somewhere at least.

Continue reading “Documenting a Starting Point”