Trunk Lid Installation

This is a pretty straight forward project and it makes a pretty significant improvement on the vehicle starting to look like a car again. At least from one specific angle.  When I got started, my first goal was to just do something. I am eager to do something that feels like progress.

In order to put the trunk lid back on, I first needed to get a new weatherstripping to seal the trunk from the ever present rain in the Pacific Northwest. I ordered the USA made version from Virginia Classic Mustangs. While I was there, they were nice enough to suggest I also get the adhesive required to do the job. And since I am notorious for getting distracted by shiny things, I also picked up the quarter panel extension gaskets. Remember, there’s always something to buy for every project.

When looking around, I found a good video on how to install from CJ Pony Parts.

Mustang Trunk Weatherstrip Installation

This is where I started. This shot is from a few weeks prior, before it was delivered, but the look from here is the same. You can see the extensions are off, as is the trunk lid. The springs and hinges are good, so they stayed in place.

I followed the video by gluing the weatherstrip, and taping it in place with painters tape while it dried. It’s not complicated, and it only took about 20 minutes. Fortunately, I had a nice afternoon of sun and was able to get it done in the sun.


The weatherstripping went on nice, and set up just fine. There’s much more material than I was used to after so many years of being compressed and rotting in place. That makes it a much more snug fit, with more cushion when it closes.

To set the bolts, I started by putting a blanket rolled up on the base of the window and set the lid on it. This protected the paint and gave it a little elevation. I was able to attach the bolts to the hinge in a loose manner so I could close it and check the gaps.

Once I hat it attached and closing in a way that didn’t touch the sides, I was able to gently tap it into place with my hand so the space between the lid and the car was uniform all around.  Since I have not yet put a gas tank in, I was able to have my son hold the lid down while I got under and in through the gas tank opening to tighten the bolts and lock it into place.

If you look close, you may be asking why one bolt is not painted. It seems one got lost along the way and I have to get a new one painted again. Lets hope I can manage to replace it without messing up the lines.


The next step of this project is in the mail. I have the latch mechanism cleaned up, but the bolts are not to be found. I ordered new bolts to attach the latch mechanism to the tail light panel, along with a new key cylinder as the key disappeared years ago. I also could not find the strike plate for the lid itself, so I ordered a new one of those also. I should probably check the old trunk lid to see if it’s still attached there. That didn’t make the junk pile delivery.

Also, notice I attached the quarter panel extensions. The only part to order there was the gasket. Simple stuff. There is a ridge that it goes in, and its pretty obvious how it goes. Then I just attached it on with the 3 posts attached to the extension. The lesson learned there is to use a thread chaser to clean off the excess paint for anything that may have it on it. I had some binding on the bolts because I didn’t.

All said and done, it is it’s own shiny thing to distract me. Everyone had to come out and look at their reflection through it.

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