Adding to the Herd

I am a list oriented type of individual. If there are sets of things, or lists to be done, I am compelled. Since there are 3 body styles for the mustang, I am somehow required to have all 3. Today I finished that list and brought home a 67 convertible.

This time, I’ve learned my lesson. No rusted out floors. No leaking cowls. No fiberglassed over rust holes with rivets holding replacement metal in place. Mechanical work is fine, welcome even. To some extent. The rule with this one is going to be to keep it on the road. No long restorations, and no tearing it all apart. By the end of the weekend, it needs to be back on the road, and reliable. It’s a good starting point, so that shouldn’t be too hard.

It has some nice features. I like the hood with the directionals. It’s also the color I would have painted it, or pretty close. Good enough for a good long while.

The interior is very nice. It was converted from aqua to two tone blue several years ago and it’s held up well. It could use a new instrument bezel and some new instrument lenses to make it easier to read the gauges, but it’s not too bad.

The paint is a good 20 footer. It was chasing a GT look with the rear valance and the stripe, but its just for show. It rolled off the line with an inline 6 engine and an automatic transmission. It has since been upgraded to a 71 302 and had the suspension converted over to a 5 lug setup. That saved me considerable work and money and put it pretty close to what a V8 would be from the factory.

The engine is not beautiful. What I see is a number of little projects to get things looking better and working better. Opportunity. It’s also a bit of a dog right now, but you can feel the potential. This is very much how the coupe started back in 92. A few small things will get it on track.

Summer’s here, and with it comes driving weather. Just in time for a cruising machine.

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