The 65 came home today. Metalwork is done, and it’s time to start test fitting things. I want to do this before any body work is done because some things are going to need some adjusting and if it was painted, it would be ruined. Case in point, Step 1 for installing the Street or Track camber lockout is to grind down metal and weld on the plate. So, the next stage is upon me.

If I didn’t know better, I would say it looks a lot like it did a year ago, minus the green paint.

A bunch of the parts that were used during sheet metal alignment are inside. I need to sort through what is going to be used and what is not. Like the rear valance there. I went with a reproduction GT style with the cutouts for exhaust. The plan is to take all the leftover parts to Rick’s Pony Parts and make a donation. I am confident Rick will be able to find a home for most of it and I won’t have to deal with it, or store it on a shelf, or worse, in the big pile of parts.

Looking at the pictures, its hard to believe so much has been done. They look just like the day I brought it home. The devil is in the details. I found that out the hard way once I started tearing it down. At least at this point I think it’s demons have been exercised.

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