Wiring the passenger compartment

With the rear wiring done, I had to do the part I was avoiding: the inside.  In prep, I have been buying new chrome bezels and such for the ignition switch and headlights so I should be ready. One thing I haven’t gotten yet was a wiring fastener kit for all the various clips needed to keep the wiring in place. That should be easily left for the cleanup stage though.

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Rebuilding the wiper washer pump and pedal assembly

The wiper washer mechanism for the 67 mustang is a strange beast. Rather than use the electric pump like the previous year, they went back to a mechanical bellows style mechanism that is powered by the drivers left foot. The pedal has an integral wiper switch, which I previously used frequently for a single swipe by stepping on the pedal just enough to activate the switch but not pump the bellows.

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