Seat teardown

The plan for the seats is to remove the original upholstery and padding, blast the frames, then powder coat them.  By the end, I hope to have no trace of the old smell and hopefully get rid of any squeaking as well.  As an added bonus, the surface rust should be cleaned up and the frames protected from future rust.

This is the starting point for the rear seat backs. Mostly just faded and dry rotten, causing some split seams, along with some superficial ugliness.


This is what it looks like from the back side. I never got much use, so I expect the springs to still be in the original form. Nice burlap.


I took off all of the retaining clips/rings. I need better grips on my pliers. Just doing this one piece cause some quality blisters.

The back seat bottom was not in as good of shape structurally as the seat back.  From the start, you cant really tell.


But as I got into it, there was a lot more rust, and a lot less paint than on the seat back. Wrapping this up, I didn’t seem to get any pictures of the frame itself. I was worried the seat bottom would disintegrate when sand blasted, but it turned out well. I hope it’s not just really thick powder coat over a fine dusting of former metal. Other than some pitting on the frame, it looks good as new.


The blasting and powder coating was done by Bulldog Powder Coating in Mukulteeo and did a pro job. I should have gone crazy and had them do it in fire engine red. Maybe with the front seats.

Now these get to join the rest of the clean parts in the house until I am ready to start thinking about upholstery. One step closer to removing my recycle parts pile.

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