Breaking down the bucket seats

My original seats are in need of some love. My plan is to tear them down to the frame, powder coat them, and build them back up to near original. I haven’t yet decided if I should go with some of the upgrades like padding and headrest or not. First step is to get them ready to rebuild though.


This is the starting point. There’s not much to it, but I want to document the various parts along the way. This is a basic 2B interior for a low end 67 coupe. I’m not starting with anything fancy. Here’s a quick look around before I break stuff.


All in all, not terrible, but not making the grade for leaving as is. The chrome is ok, but not great. I expect I will have to replace that as well.  As the parts come off, it reveals a pretty simple design.


Under the chrome is just a simple pin. Pull the pin and apply a little leverage and the back comes off. Well, after you remove the plastic cover on the right side as well. I took the back off once I was down to the frame.


Not in bad shape over all. Should clean up nice with some blasting and powder coating. For pulling the staples, I suggest vice grips. lock them on and turn clockwise. They open up pretty easy and come right off. Or break in half. I started with pliers and was on my way to a new set of blisters. Then I tooled up. Life improved.


The bottom was slightly more complicate with spring and rails to remove. I took all the springs off first, then you can just slide them back and forth to access the retaining screws on either end. From there, its back to the vice grips to remove more retainers.


I’m sure I don’t want to know what this stain is.


Again, a pretty good frame for blasting and coating.


With my garage door open, the whole thing still smelled like old burlap and, well, just old. I think this is going to be something I break the “save everything” rule for and throw out all the burlap and padding. I will keep the cover until I get done upholstering them, but that’s it.


Imagine how many blisters this pile would cause with the pliers. And this is just one seat. I still have another to do.

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