Wiring – The Beginning

Wiring has been pretty intimidating for me. Not only is it expensive, there are a lot of details that I just don’t know. Since I didn’t take out the original wiring, I don’t have pictures of how it all looked previously. That just adds to the anxiety of re-wiring the whole car.  Not to mention not being able to test anything until everything is done. Well, no point putting it off any longer. Time to jump in head first. Continue reading “Wiring – The Beginning”

Rebuilding the wiper washer pump and pedal assembly

The wiper washer mechanism for the 67 mustang is a strange beast. Rather than use the electric pump like the previous year, they went back to a mechanical bellows style mechanism that is powered by the drivers left foot. The pedal has an integral wiper switch, which I previously used frequently for a single swipe by stepping on the pedal just enough to activate the switch but not pump the bellows.

Continue reading “Rebuilding the wiper washer pump and pedal assembly”