Interior progress

Things are coming together for the interior this week. Some of the finishing touch parts have arrived and are really pulling things together. I was finally able to align the glove box, and the radio bezel arrived.

I have to admit I was worried about reproduction parts with the radio bezel. The original part is real metal. It just looks like the kind of thing a repro would do in plastic. Fortunately, I was worried for nothing. The new bezel looks great and fit perfect. With the special screw clips in the install kit, it installed in just a couple minutes.


I have plans to get a retrosound radio which will look like the original, but have bluetooth and be able to play from my phone, or from a USB drive. I need to wait on that until the car has power though. No need to get ahead of myself and have it sitting around, or installed when I can’t verify the install worked.

To the right, I have the glove box closing finally. I am not sure this is quite a finished product though. I think it looks like it is pushed up too high. Unfortunately, that’s what I had to do in order to get the latch to catch.


I also have the little rubber stoppers on the way still. I always remember having to slam it to get it to latch, so the bumpers are a must have. For now, it is holding itself shut at least.


Inside, I have a new liner (or the actual glove box itself). The old one wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t good. New hardware and a clean box finishes the new look. I have a few places like this where I spent a bit to complete the fresh look because the old part just wouldn’t clean up nice, even though it was functional still. In for a penny, in for a pound.

As you can see, I have the carpet in, or at least setting in the car. It’s just laying in there, not trimmed or fit yet. I wanted to put it all together to see how the carpet fits in with the rest, color-wise. I also set in the rear side panels and the back seat.


I think it goes together great. It’s super exciting to see it starting to look like the car I remember finally.  Well, like a new version of the car I remember.

I still have to get new quarter windows, since my originals are terribly pitted. That’s an investment I need to bite off. Then I can final place the panels and wind lace them in.  I also need to final fit the carpet. I should have time for that this coming weekend. I just need to research a few points before I start cutting.  I should have another post shortly with a carpet install if all goes well.


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