67 Washer Pump Follow Up

The intermittent wiper function of the convertible isn’t working, so I took this as an opportunity to pull the pump and see what’s going on. This is a follow up to add more detail to my previous post on rebuilding the pump found here.

Looking at my previous post, I didn’t spend much time covering the check ball functionality. With this one, I spent a little more time going over the details. First, I noticed there is a retainer on the large inlet to hold the check ball in place. I didn’t have this with my other pump, so the ball probably moves further down the hose than it should.

The retainer is the smaller diameter end of the larger inlet port. First thing I noticed was that I could not unscrew the assembly without removing it. Somehow, the ball did not fall out when I removed it though. After taking the assembly apart, the ball fell out of the center area of the housing.

Above you can see the check ball, the retainer, and the assembly, along with a few other parts. The check ball looks kind of rough, but it looked familiar. I measured it to find it was 0.127″. Looking in my leftover parts from rebuilding the Autolite 4100 carb, I found the check ball that was not used. It was 0.125″, which is probably the same, minus 50 years of sitting in wiper fluid.

So, I used the new check ball and this time put the retainer in to hold it in place. I blasted the metal assembly and re-used the original bellows and seal, plus a little rubber sealant for good measure. I still need to order a new pedal foot, but that’s all for this one.

Last time I did this, I was still assembling the car and the fresh air vent was not installed yet. Trying to mount the washer pedal with the fresh air vent installed is a pain. I can see that’s what the previous installer did too because they only put three of the four fastening screws in. I think for now, I will do the same, but order the correct screws when I order the pedal cover, then secure it properly then. That means I will have to remove the fresh air vent too, so a much bigger job than it needs to be just to get that last screw installed.

Ultimately, what got me to look at the pump was the wipers not parking. It turns out it was just not plugged in. I could have just plugged it in, but I wanted to get it functioning properly again, so it was a good excuse to check it out.

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