65 Wiper Motor Assembly

As I dig out the pile of parts for the 65, I found another one that I can clean up and put on the car. The wiper motor and assembly is pretty self contained and needs to go under the dash early, so I knocked that out.

Pretty standard starting point. Not much corrosion or rust, just 50 years of built up dust and dirt.

The plan is not to really tear it apart to the point that I am media blasting and rebuilding motor electronics. This is a part no one is ever going to see again. It needs to be clean and work well, that’s it. The paint on the bracket is fine, and nothing else is painted, so this should be a quick tear down, clean, and assemble.

Cleaning the motor off, I found a date stamp in ink. Unfortunately, it came off when I cleaned it. Must be a manufacture date since its the 5th of some month in 1965.

Tracking details, I also found this part number on the motor under a few layers of grime.

The motor cleaned up pretty well with just a rag, some paint thinner, and a tooth brush. I was careful not to let the solvent spend too much time in contact with the wires, but the color did come back with all the grime removed.

I just wiped down the bracket. It probably could have used a media blasting and coat of paint, but it’s interior and not going to be seen again. Clean is good enough. Here’s the motor attached again, before the arms go back on.

The arms are stamped Left and Right. I just need to remember how the bracket mounts to know which way is which. Hint, the wide part is in the front, narrow part with bolt cutout slits in the back, or closest to the driver.

The gasket for the wiper arms is actually real leather, rather than rubber. This is the seal around the cowl hole where the actuator goes through. While mine were not bad, they are cheap and available at NPD. I added them to the list for the next order, along with the mounting hardware.

Its kind of hard to get a good shot of the motor under the dash. The only trick I learned was to put the driver side actuator through the cowl first, then attach the motor bracket. Otherwise, there is not enough room with the dash. At least how my motor was stopped. Maybe its different if the motor was stopped with the arms in other locations. With the back holes slotted, I fit the two back bolts in, then mounted the bracket by sliding it on the bolts and fitting the two front bolts. Even with that help, upside down under the dash makes everything more difficult. I can’t imagine doing this with anything else in the car, like seats or wiring.

The last piece is the chrome. Again, going in place so I don’t lose track of it later. I will order the arms after paint when it’s final assembled.

Quick and mostly painless. The parts pile is shrinking.

One thought on “65 Wiper Motor Assembly

  1. Anonymous

    I found this to be most helpful. It was easy taking all of this apart 15 years ago, not so easy putting it back together. Great job. Thanks


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