Engine assembly – part 1

With the engine back in the garage, I need to start assembling it. I plan on using the original serpentine system, so I have to clean up a bunch of parts and get them back in place. It’s a good thing I took a bunch of pictures, because tearing it down a year ago left a lot of gaps in my memory. I put all the bolts in one bin, but figuring out which is which took a bit of digging through pictures.

The starting point for today.

Step one was the crank pulley. I spent a bunch of time getting these back to some semblance of nice looking. While I normally do enjoy the media blasting, these pulleys were a pain since the original black didn’t want to come off very well. At least I know they will work.

nostalgia shot

I first painted the whole pulley black, then read that paint can make the belt squeak, so I taped it off and blasted the belt path. I followed this theme for the other belt paths as well.

The water pump came in. I picked up something for an 89 Mustang GT with a little more flow. No reason other than avoiding cooling issues and not wanting to replace this any time soon. I started with taking some solvent and wiping down the face where the water pump will attach. Oh, and there was an oil filter in one of the boxes, so I put it on just so I don’t lose it.

I blasted and sprayed the original bolts. Paint or gloss mostly to prevent rusting with no plating. Next was the water pump pulley. I sprayed the hardware with clear after blasting them as well.

Another nostalgia shot for posterity

Another addition was the Headman hedders. They went on real easy. I also got some random dipstick so I wouldn’t forget it. Not sure I like it, but it works. Mostly. The attach point doesn’t reach the head. Yet.

I got tired of seeing all the junk in my garage in the pictures, so I took it outside to get a few shots in daylight.

In the bottom picture, you can see an aluminum bracket bolted to the front of the driver side head. I blasted it and sprayed clear on it to keep it better longer. Not sure what it is yet, but I am hoping I will find out by the time I get to the air conditioning compressor. Same story for all the exposed threads on the front of the water pump. By the end, I may be going back and replacing things with standard bolts. Time will tell.

Next steps are the alternator bracket and the intake. The bracket is a big block of aluminum, so its going to take some time in the cabinet. The intake is going to be crazy. I may have gone a bit too far, but I will save that for later.


2 thoughts on “Engine assembly – part 1

  1. mmcshoup


    The bracket on the driver side might be for power steering from the 89 mustang it came from. I’ll dig through pictures that I had from 10 years ago to see if I can remember. I like the headers, they look like they should it fine. Remember there is the hydraulic clutch so you don’t need to figure a z-bar setup out and how to avoid the headers with it.



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