Door Hinge Recovery

Door hinges are not that expensive, but mine are cast iron, aka durable, and can be rebuilt, so I feel I should use them. Reusing original whenever I can tends to end better. These hinges are the original cast iron, so they should be plenty durable, just needing a new pin, which is readily available in a hinge rebuild kit.

I am confident I am dealing with original equipment with all of the springtime yellow showing through. It turns out that stuff is hard to get off even with the media blaster. The green comes right off, but the yellow takes some time under the gun.

Note one bolt is shorter than the rest. That one goes on the bottom of the bottom hinge (the one with the stop/spring).
Everything cleaned up nice, and is ready to get new pins and springs.

For my records, I also noted all the part numbers on the various hinges. Fortunately they also help me remember which side they go on.

The original pins took a bit to get out. I first tried just a hammer and punch with the spring held in a bench vise. Not so much as a budge no matter what I did. Then I used a pneumatic chisel with a punch bit and it immediately broke free. I finished pushing it out with the manual punch and the hammer.

To clean up the old bushing, I used a slightly smaller punch to catch the inside edge and push the bushing out. After cleaning it up a bit, I carefully hammered the new bushing in place and was able to hammer the pin in pretty easily as well. Only the last quarter inch took any real work since that’s the part that has the grip on it. They finished up very nice with a solid pivot and no slop. I will put the springs back on before mounting them on the door.

Driver side upper hinge.
Rebuilt lower passenger hinge.

Most of the pins were still pretty good. I am surprised how just one can be so much worse than the others. Of course this was from the driver side. This is probably the only one that really needed to be replaced, but might as well do them all while I am at it.

Original hinge pins. Comparing the worst to the best.

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