Cutting out the Floor

Still getting lighter as more metal is cut out. Getting close to the point where things can start being put back together again, but not quite there yet. Since I am using a full floor replacement, Randy cut out the floor and lifted the top off. Not surprisingly, he found more rot.


There continues to be evidence supporting my idea of replacing the entire floor to be a good idea. The back seat area is worse than it appeared, and on closer inspection, the whole trunk area is a franken-trunk, most likely from a different car. Hard to tell, but that car may be a rear-end case as well. This fastback had a hard life.


Look close and you can see the whole trunk pan is riveted in. And the side trunk floor pans are bent all kinds of directions. The wheel wells are held in place with fiberglass and rubber adhesive. Plus an interesting welding job to support the lip. I have heard of them being rolled, but not reinforced to prevent rolling.


With the floor out of the way, I can now see that the quarter panels are indeed, not original as I previously suspected. What I didn’t realize was that they were just cut off below the top line and layered under the original metal and filled with plenty of body filler.


Taking the queue from that workmanship, Randy did some spot sanding to check the bondo situation. It seems the whole back of the car is a quarter inch of bondo, even if it didn’t need it. Maybe it was the only way to get all of the panels to line up after the previous “repairs”.


I suspect I will be replacing the quarter panels, but we can sort that out after it gets blasted and we see just how much is required bondo and how much is over compensation for another part that we are hopefully already replacing.

One of the surprising areas was the B pillar. They look pretty good, but I didn’t notice the passenger side inside metal is rusted out completely. I am not finding replacement metal for all of this either. The inside B pillar is available as it appears to be the same for all 3 body styles, but they are in a 4 part kit, which I don’t need. Also, the rocker to pillar support appears to be available only in a convertible version. It may be fixable with lots of hammering since it needs to be flat for non convertible cars, but its a rectangular tube on convertibles.


Though oddly, the driver side looks great other than very minor surface rust. Just don’t look at the rocker panel or the wheel well.


The wheel well on the passenger side is also a great example of what not to do. Fiberglass is not a replacement for metal repairs. Over rust no less.


From here, Randy should be able to jig the new floor and start rebuilding the front and prepping the top to get set back on it. Since the quarters will probably be replaced, the outer wheel wells can be replaced when that’s done. I basically have 2 projects going at this point. A brand new bottom half and a messed up top half.

Everything visible in this picture is being replaced.


2 thoughts on “Cutting out the Floor

  1. mmcshoup

    Wow Brad. I had no Idea the extent of the covered up crap on the back half. I knew about floor and the trunk needing repair, but man it’s all bad. Remember it was a east coast car (SALT and RUST) so I don’t know if it was in any accidents. The rust may just be a result of the salt and poor repairs/cover up.


    1. Looking at some of the questionable repairs in the back, plus the cut up frame rails, I kind of think it may have been rear ended at one point. The whole back end was replaced, including the quarters. Not very well either. The warped trunk is either from impact or some other form of abuse.

      Well, it’s going to be all new now at least. I just have to laugh at all the fiberglass though 🙂 Someone gets an A+ for creativity!


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