Fuel Line Fabrication

After trying out the original hard fuel line from the pump to the carburetor and it not working, I went with a flexible line. It was a little more involved, but I like how it worked out. Short writeup, but I wanted to share since it was a few rounds of waiting for parts.

With a new intake manifold and carburetor, I the stock fuel hard line on the engine wasn’t going to work.


Specifically, I had some clearance issues with my choice of fittings for the heater hose on the intake manifold, as well as alignment issues with the Edelbrock fuel neck and filter from the carb.  I like the fuel connector on the carb, so I was determined to work around that to get things working. I was going to have to either bend the hard line, or find a flexible solution.


The hardline otherwise fit well. It might end up rubbing on the radiator hose on the top, but that could be tuned.


So what I did was buy a few feet of flexible, nylon braid covered line that supports fuel line usage. With a couple 6 AN bolt on connectors, and cut to length, things work well, and look good, with the color scheme.


You can see clearance is very similar to the hard line. The flex line is pretty rigid as well, so I don’t think its going to do any wandering over time.


At the pump, I was looking for a 90 degree elbow, but haven’t found one. If I do, I will probably cut the excess and fit it in. For now, I have an adapter from the 6 AN to the 1/2″-20 threading coming off the fuel pump. Since I don’t have a pipe to fit with it, I used pipe tape to get a good seal. It has about the same radius as the hard line, so it doesn’t protrude more than original.  But still. some day I will find the right elbow and clean it up.

2 thoughts on “Fuel Line Fabrication

  1. Rufus Kellam

    Brad, you ran your fuel line under your heater hose. The heat from the heater hose might cause you issues with your fuel. If it does, you will need to route your fuel line on the other side of your carb. That is where I have mine routed. Up the driver’s side and around back of the carb.


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