Update: Carburetor linkage upgrade

I got the parts in for the linkage and took a few minutes to put it together. I should get a couple nuts to lock it down, but I don’t think it’s going to do any moving anyhow.

This time, I went with an inch longer rod since I have stock motor mounts, not the Ron Morris which allow me to move it back an inch like the coupe. I also extended it a bit more, so I probably could have used an 11″ rather than the 10″.

This setup moves the rotation point out from the center of the arc a little more than the stock style connector, so the pedal has a little more fidelity to it now.

Along with the rod, I got the same LH/RH threaded heim joints. This time, I bought some hex head 10×32 1″ screws just to make it a little easier to install. I didn’t like the Phillips heads I used before. Using the original rubber sleeve and plastic bushing on the pedal side fit the screw perfectly. I did have a little slack on the carb side. Next time I may get a slightly larger heim joint for that end, and a bigger screw to take up the slack. I don’t expect it to cause any issues since it only pulls, but perfection is a thing.

It’s a 10 minute job max and now fits securely. The only issue I have now is the after market air cleaner (which I don’t like) touches the linkage rod slightly. It doesn’t cause it to bind, but really getting on the gas, I can see it get pushed up on the driver side slightly. When I replace it, I will have to see if I can buy something with a little less drop on the bottom, just to ensure no issues in the long haul.

The original post on my coupe linkage install, including parts links can be found here.

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