Forever Body Construction

While I have been fine tuning the 67 and getting my son’s car into a solid, safe place, the fastback has been slowly moving forward. Now that all the big parts are in place, the details are easy to miss since you have to look closer. Of course, when it’s done, these details are going to be what really makes it shine, but going from huge visible progress to tuning feels like things suddenly slowed down.

The wheel wells needed some tuning towards the bottom front and back. Adjustments have been made, and things are welded in place. Many sheet metal screws have also been removed and replaced with welding.

A few details from this picture. The firewall and associated parts are all welded in now. I picked up a new dash after seeing the front corners of the original, or rather not seeing them. I had a replacement from a 66 that came with it, but it still has the original cowl attached, and amazingly solid, so it will take a lot of work to separate it. Since I have been traveling, I couldn’t spend the time learning how to cut up a cowl, so had to buy the new one. I went with the 66 version again, which has the GT style instrument cluster opening, but will require some holes to be filled for the 65 dash pad, among other things.

Also, you can see a little of the front of the quarter panel has been worked on. There needed to be some tuning to get the door lines right with the reproduction quarters and close the gap a bit. You can also see the last of the dirty parts in the roof. Pretty soon I am going to have to get that blasted.

For the tail section, things are looking pretty good, and close to done. The original tooling tail light panel is fitted and welded in. The most recent work also included making the rear valance fit. It had some odd shaping on the driver side, and both sides were too short. Some material was added and it was re-formed to look pretty good. I wasn’t sure I was committed to the GT style exhaust, but after this work, I think I am now.

Progress is progress. I am eager to get it past the metal working stage, but quality takes time. I am hoping to be able to take it home some time this summer in a primer and start fitting suspension to it. The whole interior bracket situation still needs to be resolved as well. That’s going to be some work with all kinds of assembly as well, specifically the fold down rear seat setup.

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