Exhaust Installation

The exhaust has been a long running project. I bought the Arvinode exhaust nearly 2 years ago after doing a bit of research, This week, it was finally at a point in the project where I had to get it installed before I could consider starting the engine for the first time. There have been a lot of little advances in between.

Having read about Arvinode exhaust systems on the VMF forums, I decided that was what I needed to do. That system required a stock style high performance exhaust manifold setup, so I picked that up when I ordered the kit as they are readily available as reproductions.

When I test fit it, I realized that I did not have the proper hanging hardware. I went for the expensive route and ordered the original style Arvinode hangers. That’s when I realized that my little T code coupe never had the setup for a dual exhaust so the hangar mount points were not there.

Back to ordering parts, I ordered a pair of back seat reinforcement plates which go around the seat belt attach point to give more strength to the rear floor, where the dual exhaust mounts go. As a bonus, it also provides a nice template on where to drill for the mounting hardware.

I ordered the 65 version since I have the 65 version of the original hangars. This translated to a slight issue with overlap of the hangar with the rear seat belt mount point. The 67 version has the mount holes on a slight angle to avoid the conflict. Luckily, it doesn’t cause a real issue with the exhaust mounts and it still goes in fine.

Test fitting showed I was going to have to do some tuning to get them flush seated on the floor. The lower bends were just a bit off keeping the seat belt holes from lining up. Easy enough to address, and they fit in well. Rather than welding, I used adhesive since my car was well past the welding stage. There are also several bolts sandwiching it all together, so I am not worried about it moving around. I also didn’t bother painting them something other than the black they came in.

With the seat belt bolt in place, I drilled the 3 holes for the mount. There is a small screw hole in the center, to hold it in place from the top. This makes it easier to work with while bolting on the hangar below. The mount hardware is just a plate with bolts welded to it that push through the floor, allowing studs for the hangar to bolt on to.

Today, I took the car to the local exhaust shop so they could do the final install. Their experience should ensure it is tucked in properly and welded as appropriate. They did have to mount the tail resonators slightly different than original since I don’t have the right dual exhaust holes on the rear frame rails. Instead, I just used a single bolt on one of the existing holes to mount the tail hangar to. It’s about 4 inches further back than it should be, but it looks good to me.

From here, I have a future project to convert the tips to GT style and put a cutout rear valance on. For now, turned down and not visible will have to do. The valance took some work to make the lines work, so replacing it with the GT version is going to be some work. A lot of work for a $30 part.

Finishing the exhaust frees me up to focusing on getting it started for the first time. Along with the other little interior things like figuring out why I have no tail lights. It’s getting close to being on the road.

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