Paint, Stage 1

I was hoping to get some time tinkering with things over the holidays. It seems the extensive sheet metal work has made things take longer than initially expected. As it is, the first base coat of (cheap) blue paint is on.  This should get everything into the general color scheme and we can see how things are looking before the final paint.


First stage is all the blue things, exterior specifically.  The interior and engine compartment will get painted last.  This is a first spray, but the color is kind of cool. Just not nearly enough to be a final color.


Caught in the middle of doing some cleanup work on the hood. Just the essential tools to keep the job moving.  This is a new reproduction hood to replace my old flat (non directional) hood.  That hod had some damage from what looked like a motor mount breaking free, and the subsequent hammering and filler work from the previous owner.  I always like the uniqueness of the directionals in the hood, so this was my chance to make it happen.


Another angle; little better view.  There is just something about this shade and the shapes of the cowl area and in front of the doors that just looks cool.

Checking in on the project every few weeks and not seeing a whole lot of change is starting to get to me. I am getting anxious to have it back at the house and start putting it back together. I realize the guys are putting in some time on getting everything right, its just that I had no real idea what it takes to get it straight and smooth, then painted and polished.  After nearly 20 years, I can’t wait to see it painted and getting reassembled. The new year will be full of new projects to be sure.

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