Paint Prep – Stage 2

It moved from the welding bay over to the paint bay. It looks like a solid car. The purple tint in the primer helps see the imperfections that need some work still. I think it helps to see the lines a little better and helps me see a light at the end of the tunnel.


I thought the seamless extensions looked kind of cool, but I’m glad it’s only temporary. The lines are really starting to show.


The engine compartment got a nice base coat. It’s looking a lot better as one solid darker color.


The floor is solid and looks a lot better now that you cant see the weld points.


Time for primer and a final once over before painting.  Something about this makes it look like a clay model. It’s really starting to look good.


I am amazed by the lines and the smoothness of the sides. I hadn’t noticed the lines coming off the roof before.

All of this has taken some serious time. I think its been a couple of months since welding was done. I really wasn’t expecting this when I started. And here I thought I just needed a little work under the hood and maybe a little body touch up. Seeing what is under every layer pretty much forced me to go for perfection though. You can’t unsee whats there. Like a cancer in the metal, its a cancer to your thoughts. Knowing that without cutting the rot out, its still there, no matter how pretty you make it on the surface.

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