Replacing Sheet Metal

With all of the warts exposed, it’s time to start cleaning it up.  As it turns out, the majority if the exterior sheet metal needed replacing. The frame was straight, only needing minor dings removed. The rust in the rear went to the base of the wheel well as well as the surface metal. The doors had enough issues with both the interior and exterior that getting a new shell was the cheaper option. Fenders and rear deck were an obvious need. With the previous damage to the hood, I opted to replace it with a new reproduction hood with directionals in it.


The black parts are new. The roof was good, the engine compartment was good. The one side needing some real work was the outside. All of it. It’s hard to tell here, but he already replaced the upper and lower cowl. That’s a major welding job on its own.


View from the other side. It’s easier to see some of the details. They cut and welded the new quarter panels just under the top lines, so as to keep the original lines. Fortunately all of the rust was on the bottom edge.


The back light panel also needed replacing. The rust on the top side was enough of a mess to just cut it out as a whole rather than attempt to repair parts. The rear extensions are original. The damaged left one was replaced with an original from a donor car, so Ford original, just not from this car. Original trunk hinges; new trunk lid. The old one had waves like an angry sea.

WP_20151009_11_35_00_Pro - Copy

My favorite metal work was what needed it most. A one piece floor pan. On top of that are the new seat risers. The foot panels in front also needed replacing.


And from the inside, the new door. There was enough surface rust from sitting so long that trying to clean it up and retain the original crinkle texture was going to be impossible.

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