More odds and ends

I have a number of small things to button up as I move on to the next big project for the interior.  The first is to get the washer pump pedal installed, securing the passenger side of the firewall insulation as well. I have some wiring beautification to do in that same area, so might as well check it off the list. Maybe time to look into the fenders as well. Continue reading “More odds and ends”

Finishing the posterior

The mother-load of parts has arrived this week. I just finished installing the fuel tank, so now I can continue on to the reverse lights, rear valance, and finally the rear bumper.  This project will finish my exterior assembly behind the rear window, leaving fuel lines and electrical, plus the cosmetics inside the trunk.

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Paint, Stage 1

I was hoping to get some time tinkering with things over the holidays. It seems the extensive sheet metal work has made things take longer than initially expected. As it is, the first base coat of (cheap) blue paint is on.  This should get everything into the general color scheme and we can see how things are looking before the final paint.

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