New Firewall Comparison

The new firewall replacement came in. I ordered the Dynacorn, which appears to be sold everywhere. I saw that Jo Daddy’s Garage used the same one in weld through primer, so I reached out to him to see how it fits and got a positive response. In the end, I opted to order it from Mustangs Unlimited due to the free shipping. I expected some damage courtesy UPS, and I was not disappointed, but it was only minor and easily corrected. The alternative of $250 in freight shipping for at $240 part wasn’t easily reconcilable here. In the end, the gamble payed off. Continue reading “New Firewall Comparison”

Making a Metalwork Plan

Core work has started on the fastback. As I really dig into it, I found some significant issues that have caused me to be a little more drastic than I would have hoped. The value in this car really is all the good parts it came with, and the fastback C code VIN. When done, there won’t be much of the original body left, but it will be like new. Better in some ways. Continue reading “Making a Metalwork Plan”

Applying Badges and Letters

Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges! OK, but I do like a little bling, so maybe just a little badging and lettering. I decided to the do hood and trunk letters, as well as the running horse and letters on the side of the front fenders. Since I am not really that committed, I went with the stick on type, not the drilled. It’s hard to drill holes in brand new perfect metal and paint! Continue reading “Applying Badges and Letters”